Pikablu was an insanely popular and well-known Pokegod that circulated the internet before the release of the short 'Pikachu's Summer Vacation', where it was revealed that Pikablu, (Marill) was just a normal pokemon.


Pikablu, also known by the names Pikablue, Ketoblu, blue Mouse and Metablue, is commonly known as the second-most popular PokéGod. It was commonly passed off as an Electric- and Water-type evolution of Pikachu or Raichu, depending on the source. Pikablu soon became a separate Pokémon from Pikachu and Raichu, dropping its Electric typing that connected it to them. Its official Japanese name w as ignored by Americans in favor of the name Pikablu, based off of Pikachu and blue. It was soon deemed a PokéGod because, due to a mistake , a man on Cinnabar Island says that his Raichu evolved, which was thought to be a hint to Pikablu. When 'Pikablu' (Marill) was shown in Pikachu's Summer Vacation, it suddenly lost all its popularity because it was not rare nor powerful. This also diminished many other PokeGod's quality as well.

Method of Obtainment

Fan art of Honōguma from Pokémon Gold and Silver Spaceworld 1997 Beta.

The most commonly shared method of obtaining Pikablu is as follows:

  • First capture all 150 Pokémon without GameShark codes.
  • Obtain seventeen Pokémon over Lv.70.
  • Go to Pewter City and interact with the man who asks if you have been to the Pewpy Museum of Science. He will take you to the museum and inside, you need to talk to the lady upstairs who wants her boyfriend to catch her a Pikachu.
  • Leave the museum immediately and do not fly.
  • Use Fly to go to the Safari Zone. Make sure you have five slots open in your party.
  • Catch a Tauros.
  • Put Tauros in your first slot
  • Fly to Celadon City.
  • Go to the Game Corner and talk to the lady. Instead of her usual speech, she will notice that you have obtained every pokemon in Kanto and give you a Pokémon she found behind the museum because '' She can't control it".

One of the fake images of Pikablu that circulated around that time.

  • The Pokémon's name is displayed as '???????'. When you try to view its summary, nothing happens .
  • Go to Professor. Oak
  • The first Pokémon in your party, Tauros, will be replaced by Pikablu, but will still be named ???????. Change its name, and instead of the new nickname, it will be named 'Pikablu'.
  • Pikablu will now be treated as a Pokemon.

Other less-popular methods of obtainment

Use the PokeFinder in the water next to the Unknown Dungeon. It should reveal a Poké Ball that talks about a mysterious Pokémon located near Cinnabar Island. Surf around the right side of Cinnabar Island until you encounter Pikablu. The easiest way to capture it is by using a Master ball.

Catch all 151 Pokémon including Mew and go to Mt. Moon. A Poké Ball can be found there containing Pikablu.

Use a Max Repel inside the Unknown Dungeon and walk around until a Pokémon penetrates the repel. This Pokémon is Pikablu, but it appears in an odd form. The best way to catch it is to use a Master Ball.

Trade a Pikachu eight times and then use a Water Stone on it to obtain Pikablu.

Collect 99 of every single evolution stone. You will then receive 99 Mist Stones. Use one of these on Pikachu to receive Pikablu.

Walk left to right twenty times on the shore of Fuchsia City. Then go to the Safari Zone. Pikablu can be found.

Catch all 151 Pokémon. Then bring a Golem Lv.100 that knows Strength, Dig, Seismic Toss and Fissure in this order. Use Surf around the S.S. Anne to reach the truck. Use Strength on the truck's left side and enter the stairway underneath. You will enter a pond in the Silph Co., where Pikablu can be found in the wild.

Catch MissingNO. And use water stone on raichu and name it pikablu

Go into tall grass and find it.

Rename PIKACHU to PIKABLU and he will turn into a missingno. Evolve the missingno into a kangaskan, and use a water stone on it and you have pikablu!


Each of these sets of information corresponds with the above locations:

Pikablu is number 154 in the Pokédex. It is obtained at Lv.999. Its type is ???????. It is 2 ft. 3 in. tall and 34 lbs. Its stats are all 999 except HP. Its attacks are ElectricWave, Psyshock and Electrode. If it gains 60, 000 EXP. points, it learns Sonicboom, which is a 1-hit KO move that never misses.

Pikablu is number 154 in the Pokédex. It is obtained at Lv.100. It has the appearance of MissingNo. Its Attack is 778, its Defense is 999, its Speed is 676 and its Special is 999. Its attacks are Ice Beam, Blizzard, Thunderbolt and Thunder. It learns Electrode later on, but it only has 5 PP and maxes out at 10 PP.

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